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Vehicle telematics connected your way

Whether using the GO device, OEM embedded systems, or third-party hardware, Geotab ensures secure and consistent vehicle telematics.

Connect your fleet with the power of choice

Geotab GO Device

Capturing the broadest and richest vehicle data

The Geotab GO9 telematic vehicle tracking device captures and standardizes essential data from a vast range of over 9,000 different cars, vans, and trucks. Simply plug the GO device into any vehicle’s standard OBDII port to begin collecting the highest quality vehicle data available in the industry.

The GPS device offers several key benefits, including:

  • Support for mixed fleets of various OEM makes and models.
  • Utilization of a patented curve algorithm for efficient low-bandwidth data transmission.
  • High-resolution vehicle positioning, providing complete fleet visibility.
  • Extensive support for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs).

OEM Telematics

No installation, easy remote activation

Seamlessly integrate OEM telematics data from connected vehicles into the Geotab platform through the cloud. Geotab ensures data security and standardizes the data stream, making it consistent across various makes and models of vehicles.

The main benefits of OEM telematics include:

  • No additional hardware costs and no downtime for installation.
  • Simple, remote activation.
  • Guaranteed vehicle compatibility.
  • Secure end-to-end data transmission.

3rd Party Telematic Devices

Flexibility to address changing fleet needs

If you have previously invested in third-party telematic devices, Geotab can establish connections and collect the necessary data to effectively manage your fleet.

  • • Geotab’s open platform simplifies the process of connecting any third-party telematics device.
  • Integrate all your data into Geotab’s platform to enhance overall visibility.

Mixed Fleets

Simplify mixed fleet management 

Managing mixed fleets can be a time-consuming task for fleet managers. Regardless of the asset or vehicle type, make, model, or whether you’re utilizing telematics hardware or connected vehicle functionality to connect your vehicles, Geotab provides you with the flexibility to manage your mixed fleet securely and efficiently, on a single platform.

  • Gain global visibility of your fleet and assets through management tools for smooth monitoring. Access all telematics and equipment data through a unified, AI-driven view of performance and areas for improvement.
  • Benefit from compatibility with over 9,000 makes and models of vehicles and machinery, including support for nearly 300 electric vehicles (EVs).
  • Connect seamlessly via Geotab GO or any third-party device, OEM telematics solutions and OEM embedded solutions.

Improving driver safety with Geotab telematics

The Franklin County Engineering Department talks about why the Geotab solution was the right solution for both optimizing their mixed fleet and improving driver behavior.

How all-in-one vehicle telematics simplifies fleet management


Boost your business to greater success with Geotab solutions dedicated to increasing fleet productivity. The path to maximizing fleet productivity starts with measurement. Gain insight into customer service times, detect unplanned stops, get accurate arrival and departure times, and access accurate mileage data.

Fleet Optimization

Reduce your expenses through advanced benchmarking and precise tracking of fleet fuel consumption. Ensure your vehicles remain on the road with preventative, predictive vehicle maintenance solutions.


Enhance your safety programs with the help of trending, real-time, and predictive data insights to pinpoint your fleet’s highest-risk drivers. Gain an understanding of driver patterns, including instances of speeding, aggressive braking, seat belt usage, and more. Receive alerts when violations or collisions occur and offer in-vehicle coaching to safeguard your drivers and the safety of others on the road.


Extract valuable insights from real-world data to help you reduce your fleet’s emissions and expenses while improving operational efficiency.


Benefit from state-of-the-art tools to digitise and improve fleet regulatory compliance. Simplify fleet compliance with workflows and notifications that can be easily accessed from a smartphone or tablet.


Rely on an open fleet management platform that you can customize to your needs. Expand your capabilities and explore new possibilities with a world-class API featuring code samples, an SDK, and easily integratable value-based Add-ins to extend the functionality of MyGeotab.

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