Utilize the power of connected fleet intelligence to achieve better results.

Reduce Costs

Streamline operations through automation and receive proactive notifications regarding cost-saving opportunities, enabling more efficient, productive, and profitable outcomes.

  • Utilize efficiency insights and precise fuel tracking
  • Enhance route and dispatch efficiency
  • Optimize vehicle uptime through predictive maintenance

Enhance Safety

We know that employees are your company’s most valuable asset. Our driver-focused, fully customizable solutions prioritize driver comfort, reducing risk and increasing safety for both drivers and your organization.

  • Harness the power of AI video-based safety intelligence
  • Employ rules and alerts for in-vehicle driver coaching
  • Analyze collisions to gain insights into the events
  • Reduce commercial fleet insurance premiums through safe driving data

Advance Sustainability

Uncover actionable insights from real-world data to mitigate your fleet’s emissions and expenses, all the while enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Benchmark, monitor, and report on fleet CO2 emissions
  • Identify and address factors leading to excessive fuel consumption
  • Reduce emissions by leveraging electric vehicles for cost-effective operations.

Leverage AI Advantage

Accelerate your response time and make informed decisions confidently through advanced automated insights and AI-generated predictions.

  • Acquire preemptive safety, efficiency, and risk insights
  • Enhance driver retention and eliminate operational challenges
  • Identify opportunities for future fleet and infrastructure planning

Expand Value

No matter what you’re monitoring, you can effortlessly enhance its value through seamless integrations or tailor it to your preferences using our developer SDK and APIs.

  • Centrally oversee OEM connected vehicles and mixed fleets
  • Seamlessly integrate third-party devices, cameras, assets, and more
  • Harness APIs for real-time data access and synchronization
  • Create bespoke, tailored applications to suit your specific needs.

Explore solutions to reduce your carbon footprint: monitor and reduce your fuel consumption, while benefiting from support in transitioning your fleet to electrification.

Discover the main advantages

Choose Perfekt GPS for the market’s most comprehensive and scalable fleet management platform.
Here’s what sets them?:

Open platform

Enables smooth integration with your current fleet management systems and bespoke solutions crafted by third-party developers.


It can be scaled to accommodate fleets of any size and can be expanded as your business expands.

Comprehensive data collection

Perfekt GPS facilitates the integration of customer-owned data from vehicles, drivers, and various sources to offer a comprehensive perspective on fleet performance.

Rich database

With a vehicle database developed and refined over 10 years, Perfekt GPS consistently unveils new values for their customers.

Data intelligence

Perfekt GPS with Geotab support empowers more informed decision-making by analyzing data from 3.6 million connected vehicles, delivering AI-driven insights and recommendations through advanced analytics.

Focus on sustainability

Explore solutions aimed at minimizing your carbon footprint: monitor and reduce fuel consumption while receiving assistance in transitioning your fleet towards electrification.

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