Platform Overview

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A complex, intelligent platform for an interconnected fleet management

Convert real-time data from any origin into actionable insights that deliver tangible business value.

What can our Platform do for your fleet?

Connect your assets your way

Connect assets through the Geotab GO device, OEM connected vehicles, or any third-party device, sensor, or data stream.

Transform data into insights

Collect, standardize, and analyze all your fleet and asset data, transforming it into actionable insights.

Empower resilient operations

Access an open ecosystem of hardware, software, and add-ons that can be customized to address emerging opportunities and challenges.

How it works

Securely capture fleet data from anywhere and gather insights to make smarter decisions

Capture Data

From any data source and using any type of connection.

We provide you with a versatile platform that gives you the freedom to connect and collect data from either a hardware telematics device or an external data source. You can collect information and aggregate data using the platform’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities from sensors installed on thousands of vehicles and devices around the world.

Transform Data

AI-driven data analysis and insights

Geotab’s powerful AI-driven platform seamlessly transforms data from diverse sources by standardizing it, ensuring it’s clean and filtered. This powerful platform not only analyzes your data against industry benchmarks and historical data but also provides rapid and precise insights, eliminating the need for manual data manipulation.

Apply Insights

Total fleet visibility in one view

With MyGeotab support, gain full visibility into your entire fleet. Access proactive insights, visualizations, and advanced benchmarking tools to enhance your fleet operations. Furthermore, Geotab Drive app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, offers additional ELD-based functions including DVIR, HOS, and IFTA reporting.

Extend Capabilities

A powerful ecosystem opens up new perspectives

Explore a diverse market brimming with cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Geotab’s robust SDK simplifies integration with ERP, CRM and other widely used business systems. In addition, powerful APIs and IOX® add-ons amplify fleet management functionality, providing greater insight and operational control.

MyGeotab: AI-Enabled Fleet Performance

As a global leader in IoT and connected vehicles, Geotab empowers enterprise fleets to achieve their business objectives, all while consistently discovering fresh opportunities for expansion.

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